The Haunted Mansion;
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*favourite character appears*
me: *delighted pterodactyl noises*
harpyvillage whispered:
"Now Chrome, I'm sure that with a little talking to, a smidgen of magic, and a disproportionate amount of luck, we can make Luka the man you're looking for, that or a mess on the floor. Honestly, I really hope it won't be the latter.)

"Honestly the former sounds more up my alley. But I guess I’d settle for either."

annettesoleil whispered:
"Chrome~! Darling.~ I need to borrow your lab.~"

"For what purpose? I never thought you the scientific type, Annette."

goddess-ilias whispered:
"My, my~! So our cute little Chrome has a crush on Promestein, does she~?"

"So what?! Compared to the usual relationships of our world, a crush is completely innocent!"

Anonymous whispered:
You do know that magic anons could do that, right? And, would you really want that? You're asking to have your nights filled with nightmares of a Luka-faced Promestein. Loli version.


blackgrimoire whispered:
"Why red hair...?" Of course Saito would jump in there.

"I-It’s a nice color? Don’t flatter yourself, human. I’m not talking about you."

Anonymous whispered:
Chrome! Admit it, we all know it at this point! You have a crush on Luka, have you?!

"When Luka grows luxurious red hair, an astounding intellect and the finest legs I’ve ever seen, you can come back and ask me about crushes."

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Does this nerd ever smile