"If your insults can only directed to the size of my genitalia, I pity you as a necromancer, medic and puppeteer, as I expected someone of your intelligence to have better counters than that.

And Gnome isn’t needed, I just need to pick the higher option when picking a bunk bed and remove the stairs to avoid succubus dwarfs. “

"Fair enough."

"But if I may raise a point: go fuck yourself.”




"I’m not much for swordplay. I haven’t had the proper training." And there Annette goes, with the typical dismissive hand wave. "But, I guess if you want to get technical… My mother, Anita Soleil, was the original Sin Youkai of Lust. She was older than the universe itself, and she died giving birth to me. Does that count as slaying an ancient evil~?"


"I don’t think matricide would count as a heroic act. More so if it were from childbirth."